Minnie Dlamini is going to be launching a line of hand sanitiser

She’s smart, savvy and sanitary!

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South Africa is currently under lockdown to try and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. After President Cyril Ramaphosa declared it a ‘state of emergency’ some weeks back, people lost their collective minds panic-buying everything from dry goods to toilet paper. One of the products that was wiped clean from just about every shop shelve was hand sanitiser. This is because using it after washing hands is another way to kill any lingering germs. But, if you have been wondering where the heck you are going to get your next bottle, don’t worry, because media personality Minnie Dlamini, has entered the hygiene game.

Minnie Dlamini launches hand sanitiser

Last year media mogul Minnie Dlamini launched her own line of budget-friendly body-care products, MD by Minnie Dlamini. Over the last few weeks she has been using her brand’s account to spread necessary awareness about hand hygiene.

Her latest endeavour in the world of cleanliness is even more topical – she is launching hand sanitisers, a product which everyone has now been converted to thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She told Sowetan Live that ‘it is something that was in the pipeline as a way to grow and diversify the MD product offering.’  Minnie also said that ‘with the emergence of the pandemic, we sought to steamroll the rollout of the sanitisers to help with prevention and further the efforts by government and other business to create access to them and promote hygiene. Our sanitisers have an alcohol base of 70%.’

And if your paws are itching to get hold of some, you might need to hold up. The first batch is going to be distributed to underprivileged communities for free. We can wait!

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