Milk Bath Nails are About To Take Over Your Instagram Feed

We’re going to ‘milk’ this trend all season long!

Just when you are starting to get into some of the bolder nail trends we’ve been seeing so far this year, a new one pops up. So while you may have made an appointment to get a cow-print or tie-dye manicure, you might want to change your order, because soon milk bath nails are going to be on every menu. And what’s better than being just that one step ahead of the trend?

Milky Manicures

Did you know that a manicure could be both bold and delicate at the same time? If you need proof, look no further than milk bath nails, which are doing the rounds on social media. They are certainly eye-catching enough to make a statement, but they are also super dainty and reminiscent of a luxurious bath at a bougie spa. Think milky water with flowers floating in it and you get the idea. Basically, one look at these trendy talons will help you to relax.

But how do the nail pros create this interesting look? Celebrity manicurist Elle explains that they are created using a milky-coloured acrylic with small, dried flowers embedded in it. She also says that while this design might look like you’ll be at the salon all day, it actually shouldn’t take longer than getting a regular gel finish does.

Milk bath nails are taking Instagram by storm, with all sorts of variations of this trend getting loads of likes. So if you like to keep it more low-key with a statement nail, or fully immerse yourself in this dreamy trend, you’ve got options.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Here’s a roundup of some of our fave milk bath nails to give you the inspiration you need to book your next nail appointment:

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