A Makeup Vlogger Turned Himself Into Stormi Webster and It's Creepy AF

Not as cute as the real deal

Everyone loves the Kardashians, and everyone also loves a good transformation using makeup. And when these two things merge, the results can be amazing. Or weird. Not long ago a barber honoured the Kardashian-Jenner clan by shaving likenesses of them into someone’s head. And as if this stunt wasn’t the perfect combo of talent and terror, now a vlogger has used makeup to turn himself into Stormi Webster, and it definitely scores high when it comes to the creep factor.

Baby Face

Alexis Stone is a makeup artist from the UK who has a whopping 829 000 followers and is known for transforming himself into celebrities and on-screen characters. While he has done transformations of members of the Kardashian squad before, his most recent look saw him channelling one of the youngest family members, Stormi Webster. And while we can’t fault him on his precision and attention to detail, there is no denying that the results are pretty terrifying.

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Because babies have much smaller faces than adults (duh!) he had to make his face appear smaller to pull off this illusion. This meant that he blocked out and covered the bottom half of his face and turned his nose into Stormi’s mouth. Here’s a video of him creating this *ahem* interesting look. In case you want to replicate it on yourself for some strange reason.

Because Alexis has done a Kylie transformation before a while ago (go figure!) he created a mother-daughter portrait where he showcased these looks together.

And while we are really impressed with both likenesses, we still don’t know if we are going to be able to sleep tonight. If you’re worried that you might struggle too, here’s a cute, wholesome video of ‘Stormi’ jamming to a lullaby (sorry not sorry).

We wonder who his next ‘victim’ will be? Our vote is for baby True.

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