Beauty Haul: Beauty Editor Zipho Ntloko Shares the Best Makeup Palettes at Foschini for Beauty

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Our third and exciting beauty haul with Foschini for Beauty is all about makeup palettes with COSMO senior beauty editor Zipho Ntloko. After learning how to find your foundation shade and gorgeous beauty tools for every budget, she’s spoiling us with even more insider info and we’re not worthy! She’s found basic palettes for around R250 and a baller palette for just over R500, all available at Foschini

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Firstly, we can’t stress enough how sensitive the skin around your eyes is. We know that budget eye shadows are great, but you don’t want to apply just anything to your lids and lashes. Zipho suggests that you invest in good-quality products, ‘no matter the amount, I know, but trust me, it will pay off in the end.’ 

Splurge on a Luxury Palette

For the high-end baller palettes, Zipho says that Smashbox is a really good brand. The great thing about eye-shadow palettes is their versatility. After all, a pigmented powder can be used to bring a flush of colour to the apples of your cheeks, a dark-brown shade can contour your face, and you can even mix the brown and black shades to make a brow powder. 

Choose the Smashbox LA Cover Shot Eye Palette if you want to invest in a high-end eye-shadow palette, as it gives you the best of both worlds thanks to its bright and neutral shades. 

Basic Palettes Your Makeup Kit Needs 

All Woman is Foschini’s very own makeup range, and their eye-shadow palettes are ridiculously cool. There are eye-shadow, contour and highlight palettes available in the range. 

Zipho loves the packaging as much as she loves the neutral palette. This one includes shimmery and matte shades. 

The All Woman Warrior Eye Colour Palette features all the vivid, bright colours you could possibly need to make your eyes stand out. 

The contour palette, which includes blush tones, is perfect for creating a sun-kissed look. 

Try The Rainbow Eye-shadow Trend 

This runway makeup trend has caught everyone’s attention and it’s all over Zipho’s Instagram feed. And now you can recreate this bold trend by following these steps: 

  • Start with a warm base colour if you have a medium-brown-to-dark-brown skin tone. Match this with bright eye-shadow shades. 
  • Tip: mix a neutral brown with a burnt red or orange to create a warm eye-shadow base.
  • Line your bottom lash line with the striking blue shadow, taking it all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. 
  • Place the pink shade in the corner of your lid, and then apply purple to your crease and outer corner. 
  • ‘With matte and textured eye shadows, fall-out can be an issue. Oils that are sitting on the surface of your eyelids causes this. A good eye-shadow primer will mattify the area so that everything is even-toned and colours will come out a lot punchier,’ says Zipho. 
  • Then mix two gold shades and apply the shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. 
  • Move onto the contouring and blush palette. Mix the peach and rose-pink shades, then apply to the apples of your cheeks. Expert tip: to avoid looking like your cheeks are sunburnt, apply the product lightly and use your fingertips to blend.   
  • The trick to highlighting your face is to ensure that your highlighter catches the light as you move. ‘This [All Woman Highlighter Palette] is really good – you can tell there’s a blend of several shimmers, and as you move your face, the shimmer changes and that’s what a 3D highlighter should do’, says Zipho. 
  • Apply highlighter to your cheekbones and avoid the tip of your nose. Zipho’s recently learnt that ‘it reflects really badly –  it looks like there’s oil on the tip of your nose’. Rather, apply on the bridge of your nose using your finger. 
  • The bronze highlighting palette combines contouring shades, a variation of highlighting shades and a blush. 
  • When contouring the cheeks, line your brush from the corner of your lips to just below the cheekbones. 
  • Apply contour to the jawline as well, creating a natural shadow. 

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Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette


Get the best out of your palette when you choose Smashbox. There are bright, neutral and warm tones to create a runway-inspired look.

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Foschini All Woman Bronze Goddess Eyes Colour Palette


This palette contains nine  matte and shimmery shades in golden, earthy tones.

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All Woman More Than Just Nude Eye Palette

R180.00 Foschini

This palette features 10 nude and earthy tones, and has a combination of matte and shimmery shades.

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All Woman Ultimate Brights Eye Palette


This gorgeous palette combines 10 highly pigmented shades, ranging from highlighters to bright colours.

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Foschini All Woman Oval Powder Brush


This affordable, good-quality brush is perfect for applying blush or contouring your face.

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