This Makeup Artist Creates 3D Looks That Are Out of This World

So surreal!

Makeup has existed in one form or another for centuries. Heck, even the Ancient Egyptians were doing it! Since then, however, things have evolved a bit. And just when you think it couldn’t *possibly* evolve past jelly highlighters, lash lifts, and vaginal tightening, people come in and push the boundaries even further. This is the case with 19-year-old makeup artist behind the Instagram page and brand Cupid’s Vault, who is creating out-of-this-world beauty looks using makeup… and more.

Modern Makeup

While most of us use makeup to look better, not everyone uses this medium in quite the same way. This is obvious when you look at the work of the insanely-talented makeup artist behind the Cupid’s Vault Instagram account. While there is no doubt that the finished looks are extremely eye-catching, they definitely defy convention. In other words, this is one for the avant-garde editorials rather than Saturday night at the club. In his looks, he doesn’t just use makeup, but also some mixed media pieces, including crystals, fine jewellery, metals and even flowers and elements from nature.

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Cupid first got into makeup the same way many of us did – experimenting with our family’s stash as kids. Eventually, he started buying his own, as well as some 3D props to incorporate into his looks. He claims that while he was secretive about his craft to begin with, he now wears similar looks to his creations out in public, showing the world exactly what he is made of.

It didn’t take long for people to notice Cupid’s crazy-beautiful creations online and want to get in on the abstract action. Recently he did some work with Willow Smith, with her personalised looks making use of plenty of floral, earthy materials and flowing shapes. This was probably just the beginning of what promises to be an interesting, star-studded ride for this talented makeup artist.

Consider us impressed (and off to practice our conceptual makeup skills RN)!

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