How to Make Your Nail Polish Dry a Whole Lot Faster

Your days of endless waiting are over!

Unless you are seriously loaded, you probably do a fair share of your manicures at home. And even if you have the application technique down, your nails could still be in trouble. Why? Because nail polish takes SO LONG to dry! You can blow on them until you run out of oxygen and still end up with a smudged situation. Or maybe that’s just me.


If, however, you find yourself in the same (literally) sticky situation time and time again, listen up, because here are four genius hacks that will save you both your time and your sanity.

1 Give Your Nails a ‘Blow Job’

We don’t mean *that* kind of blow job (get your mind out of the gutter. Geez!). Instead, what we mean is that a good way to dry your nail polish is to get out your hair dryer and adjust it to the cool setting. Blast your nails with the cold air for about a minute and then gently tap your nails to see if they are still tacky. If they are, blast ’em some more. You’ll be good to go in no time.

2 Get Your Nails Wet

Another tip that could be misconstrued but is actually a game changer is adding water to your mani-drying process. Hear me out. Fill a bowl or basin with cold water and then, once your nails have slightly set, dip them into the H2O for about two minutes. This should help them to dry enough so that you can carry on with your day (or night).

3 Get in The Kitchen

Kitchens are great places to get snacks, and their cupboards also happen to hold loads of products that can also be used in your beauty routine. How useful! One cooking product which can be used in the place of nail polish hardening spray is non-stick cooking spray. Just make sure that you carefully remove all the greasy residue from your fingers afterward.

4 Buy the Bougie Formula

Not all nail polish formulas are created equal. And, if all else fails and you are still messing up your manis, then you might need to seek out (or even fork out) for specially-made quick-drying lacquers. They are made using silicones that protect the film of the polish while it continues to dry underneath. In fact, I might need to replace my entire collection with this variety. Because ain’t nobody got time for a bad manicure.

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