Local celeb makeup-free selfies that have us wishing our skin would behave

The skin gods have faves and this post is proof.

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It’s no doubt that SA celebs and influencers consistently kill it when it comes to flawless makeup looks – I mean look at the #dontrushchallenge, which had everyone showing off some of the most glam facebeats on TikTok. What’s really satisfying though, is their glow underneath. Which reminds us – this is honestly the best time to get some skin care in. I don’t know about y’all but I’m beyond jelly RN at how perfect some of their skin is. These makeup-free selfies alone are probably going to make you want to start drinking your water in EXCESS.

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Incredibly blessed to have family with me at home during this lockdown. Hope you have a friend or family member to reach out to when you feel alone while social distancing. 🌸 🌸 I’m appreciative of our online communities keeping us sane, entertained and up to date with the latest news and updates from the globe! Excited to be working on a new project and to have work opportunities that allow me to work from home ✨🙏🏾 🌸 🌸 I’m also taking this time to relax, to reconnect with self, to read, to take long baths and to just do nothing as well! 🌸 🌸 Hope you’re ok, safe and at home ❤️ Please take extra care when stepping outside for necessities.

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TV host and Radio presenter Pearl Modiadie shares how she’s making the most out of the lockdown sitch by practicing some self-care and taking time to relax. Can our leisure time look just as gorg?

In a recent insta post Amanda captioned, ‘Already had 3 naps today and ate half our lockdown stash’, I am kinda wondering how she is finishing all the snacks and still looking this amazing. Shook.

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Lockdown has been so interesting for me. I’m learning that I’m not one of those fighters who are productive and accomplishing all their goals during lockdown. Some people thrive under pressure, or flourish with change, I however am the opposite. I’ve taken lockdown as a time to slow down which is both a blessing and privilege too. My lockdown mantra is “it can wait” because let’s be honest not all of us are ticking all the boxes, some of us are just surviving and that’s also okay. What I do find interesting is how much discovery is happening for me. I’m getting to know myself on deep levels, realizing what works for me and what doesn’t and it’s sort of a time for me to be introspective, to slow down the quiet the bully in my head pushing me to be someone I’m not (thin, super fit, super productive, badass business bitch, etc). Just being present and owning my journey fully has been really uplifting and in a sense a form of wellness. I’ve picked up a book, done a headstand, tried a tik tok dance and cooked dinner somewhere in between raising the little person in the house, which somehow feels like I’m doing the absolute most. Emotional work is also work and working on you is the most important time-investment you can make. That said I miss my external life outside of myself and my home so much! I can’t wait to explore the world again with a new found appreciation 🤩 What have you learnt about yourself in this time? #StayAtHome #SafeAtHome

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Aisha Baker shared a makeup-free selfie together with a message about her journey of self-discovery during lockdown. Love to see our influencers taking the time to just be.

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Actress Natasha Thahane is doing down time in what must be the most cosy looking vibe. Look at that glow you guys!

Digital content creator Ms Paula Bee is showing us exactly how she gets her skin looking so effortless with a step by step skincare routine. Listen, with such amazing skin I am all ears about her favourite skin tricks.

In a post captioned ‘The girl hasn’t brushed her hair in over a week now’ – all we want to know is what it takes to look as effortless as Celeste Khumalo at home.

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Messy beach curl vibes with Nadia Jafta looking cute as ever. Can we get some healthy skin tips PLEASE?

We have some real FOMO for Nomzamo’s skin. She looks stunning in this post she put up while quoting J. Cole’s Crooked Smile lyrics. Some self-love is most def needed, especially in these trying times.

Lalla Hirayama looks so angelic in this makeup-free selfie that she posted on Instagram. Like most of us, she’s taking the time to reflect during lockdown and also giving her skin a break.

Rushana Isaacs showing off on her post-workout glow. Are you guys seeing those brows? Major GOALS.

Our fave, Ayanda Thabete, looking super chill in this selfie whilst reflecting on what lockdown has meant for her.

Boity’s skin is what dreams are made of in her latest lockdown selfie. Seriously guys, what’s the secret?

See what I mean? It’s a lot. Excuse me while I go reflect on my skincare routine real quick.

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