Lizzo Has Undergone a Purple Hair Transformation and Looks Like a Mermaid

She’s serving one colourful lewk


Lizzo – also known as ‘100% that bitch’ – has been slaying the music-industry game. So much so that 2019 is officially her year. And while we all know that she knows her way around a hit song (and an impromptu flute performance), she also happens to be an up-and-coming style icon. Her look at the BET Awards earlier this year – a wood grain extravaganza for the books – is a testament to that. Her latest look, which she uploaded to the ‘gram a couple of days ago, is purple hair. And now she looks like a legit mermaid.

Purple Haze

Fashion hair colours are ALL the rage. Not long ago Billie Eilish made slime-green hair happen, and Winnie Harlow has been spotted over the last few weeks first with pink and then with blue hair. Let’s also not forget just how often celebs pop on a colourful wig to add a bit of spontaneity to a fun night out. Singer Lizzo has now also joined the colour club, because a few days ago she posted a pic on Instagram of her brand new purple hair. And it looks dreamy AF.

Her hair was done by her ride-or-die hairstylist, Shelby Swain, who is responsible for all Lizzo’s next-level looks. The soft waves are tonal rather than being one-dimensional, and the soft waves have an on-trend wet look about them. Apparently Swain used temporary purple extensions, so the mermaid makeover is probably only going to be short-lived. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t HERE. FOR. IT. for as long as it lasts.

The purple hair and bright makeup combo really do make Lizzo look like a mermaid. All she needs now is some glitter, a ‘crabby’ companion (see what we did there?) and a large body of water to make this transformation complete.

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