These 8 iconic nail-art looks prove that Lizzo is the queen of manicures

All the inspo you need 💅🏽

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Going through my Instagram feed this morning, I came across a video of Lizzo showing off her latest crazy-but-cool nail-art: slabs of chocolate. This solidified what I have been thinking all along: when it comes to nail art, Lizzo (and her longtime nail artist @erierinailz) has it ‘nailed’ (pun intended!). But just in case you need further proof, here are eight of her most iconic manicures to date.

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1 Dripping in diamonds

This look, which features the number eight as well as eight hanging crystals, was created to celebrate being nominated for eight Grammy Awards. Impractical? Probably. But still bougie as hell.

2 Icy bubbles

You probably remember the teeny-tiny bag that Lizzo brought to the 2019 American Music Awards, but here’s a reminder of the Swarovski-crystal studded nails that were holding it.

3 Gold nuggets

Sure, a straight-forward gold mani can’t be beat. Or can they? That would be a yes, because Lizzo’s molten-gold manicure she rocked last year is a fresh, fun take on a classic look.

4 Pretty in pink

For the 2019 Met Gala, the Good as Hell singer rocked nails that were, well, good as hell! She had a slick, metallic pink mani that was studded with some serious bling.

5 Marbled marvels

The marbled manicure might not be revolutionary, but the purple finish and delicate, realistic design takes this never-not-cool look to a whole new level.

6 Name nails

When your name is as well known around the world as Lizzo’s is, why not dedicate your manicure to yourself by plastering your moniker, surrounded by stars, on your fingertips?

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7 Wood finish

One of the most talk-about nail-art looks that Lizzo has worn to date is no doubt the woodgrain finish (complete with matching head-to-toe outfit) she sported at the 2019 BET Awards.

8 Chained up

The perfect mash-up of subtle and over-the-top, this manicure features a natural-coloured nail which was then adorned with gold stars and some badass chains. Edgy and chic!

Here’s to many more!

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