LED light therapy is about to leave your skin shook (in a good way)

Some next-level beauty sorcery.

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We’ve been exposed to beauty products and tools that do away with this, that and the other. There are many things that we deemed ground-breaking at some point. From electronic cleansing brushes to the industry-hailed beauty sponge, but never has one been this next level… Have you guys heard of light therapy?

It’s a form of phototherapy that deals with acne and other skin ailments. As you know, acne is formed when your pores and oil glands clog up with gunk. Tragically, your skin begins to show you absolute flames, which sucks. Blue light used in LED light therapy works on a microbial level, killing bacteria collected in your pores and just like that, improving the appearance of that pesky breakout over time.

How does light therapy work?

Unlike other skin therapies, light therapy is non-invasive, gentle and can be used on any part of the body. The great thing about it is that many brands like Lightstim and Photizo have started creating smaller-scale devices. These shell masks, wands and pens are handy for at-home use and even on the go.

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Just trying to keep my skin as clear as my schedule at this point 😏 ••• • • I’ve been missing my in-office skin procedures (I shoot for monthly facials as recommended for the beauty & health of your skin), AND @bellahadid recently reminded me to LightStim. To be clear, she didn’t DM me or anything—I just saw a photo her chilling under a pro-panel like the one we have in-office. So today, I laid back in the massage chair in my empty office under the #lightstim & pretended to be Bella. Afterward, I reminded myself to do better w/my home sessions. // More about LED light txn- like plants, our skin & other tissues have the ability to absorb light & convert it into energy. LED therapy delivers UV-free, beneficial light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy fr the sun. I mean, at this point in #quarantine we’re all basically a bunch of houseplants anyway. Different wavelengths, or colors, of light are applied directly to the skin for different effects including reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, a temp increase in blood circulation, or to treat mild-mod acne. Our office unit is a combo panel that focuses all the different lights all over the face at once making it a quick & easy txn w/no downtime. The home systems, on the other hand, are 1.) smaller, handheld devices meaning they take longer to do a full face than our big office unit. For this reason, some patients use these for more of a spot txn of trouble areas, but hey, RN we got all the time for a full face at home. 2.)offered in targeted systems. For instance, I favor the Acne Sys & my uses the Anti-aging Sys. You can find both by clicking the link in our bio>then click online shop>shop other products>scroll down to our LightStim section. Get glowing! XOXO, Dr.H💋

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Besides the blue LED light, at-home devices have built-in red LED light as well. Red light reduces facial lines as well as inflammation. It’s no wonder we see many of our fave celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen taking advantage of this treatment to improve the appearance of their skin. So, you must be wondering what the catch is because honestly, this sounds way too good.

Besides a little bit of dryness, redness and swelling post-treatment (specifically when done professionally), there’s not much doom and gloom expected, except that you’ll probably have to do the treatment regularly to get great results.

It’s difficult to deny this device a chance in any beauty closet. As celeb aesthetician and skin expert Shani Darden says, it is a ‘total game-changer for anti-ageing and acne’. With that being said, let’s not forget how differently each person can react to various treatments, with this one being no different. It’s 100% worth a shot tho, and we have nothing to lose adding these next-level vibes to our skincare routines.


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The Photizo Skincare offers an effective complementary, non-invasive treatment option for use in a number of medically-recognised skin conditions.


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