10 Pics of Lady Gaga Slaying the Beauty Game...Without Any Makeup

Nice and natural.

Lady Gaga might have one of the strangest (stage) names in Hollywood, but she has proven over the years that she is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she have countless awards under her talented belt, but she has gone from our radios to our screens and has now also released her own beauty brand, Haus Laboratories. To say that this star has *a lot* going on would be an understatement. Despite her latest venture into the world of makeup, Lady Gaga doesn’t even need any to look next-level flawless. Don’t believe us? These 10 pics speak for themselves.

1 Award-worthy Gaga

Before attending the Oscars this year, Lady Gaga took a picture of her clad in a towel and an enormous, bougie Tiffany necklace.

2 On-screen Gaga

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For her screen test for A Star is Born, she was asked to remove her makeup. That way her vocals and natural beauty could take centre stage (which they totes did).

3 Keeping-it-Casual Gaga

This pic proves that 1) not all stars hire other people to do their grocery shopping, and 2) that Lady Gaga can even make a meat counter look good.

4 Hardworking Gaga

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And that's a wrap for today 🎥🎼🔥

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This picture – which was taken after wrapping after a long day of shooting – shows us that even a tired Gaga is a gorgeous one. And those cheekbones? We’ll take two.

5 Gaga Serving Some Tea

Lady Gaga posted this snap to remind her followers about her Joanne album release, and she looks pretty good doing it. Who needs makeup when you have a hat like that, anyway?

6 Thanksgiving Gaga

The holidays might make for some fun makeup looks, but this singer/actress/makeup mogul knows that spending less time in front of the mirror means more time for family. And food.

7 Salon-time Gaga

There are very few people who look like this while they are having their hair done at the salon. But, apparently, Lady Gaga happens to be one of them. Go figure.

8 Singing Sensation Gaga

Sometimes Lady Gaga likes to sing on stage wearing crazy outfits and tons of hair and makeup. Other times she likes to keep it natural. It’s all about balance.

9 Winding Down Gaga

What do you do when you are winding down after a long day? You take your makeup off, right? Well so does this celeb, who was getting ready for a bath when she posted this pic.

10 Skincare-lovin’ Gaga

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Me? Oh I'm not available. Check back later 💋

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If you learn nothing else from this collection of pics, learn this: A good sheet mask can take you, and your skin, from zero to a hundred. Just ask Mother Monster.

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