Kylie Jenner got chunky highlights, and they are straight out of the ’90s

This is very Geri Halliwell circa 1997

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While most of us are living the real-life version of Groundhog Day right now, Kylie Jenner – more specifically Kylie Jenner’s hair – is anything but monotonous.

Kylie Jenner gets chunky

At the beginning of lockdown (March 24th to be precise) Kylie showed off her natural hair – super short and honey-coloured. Fast forward to April and her bob-length hair had magically grown to boob-length and was also much lighter in colour.

Not for long however, because last week she reverted back to her natural short style, this time with more of a strawberry blonde colour.

However, in her fourth length and colour change in one month, Kylie now has a hairstyle straight out of the ’90s and it’s the picture we’re taking to our hairdresser as soon as lockdown is over.

While we know Kim sneaked round to Kylie’s for a sneaky glam session (Cyril would not approve), we’re pretty sure that Kylie has just been experimenting with wigs all this time.

The chunky blonde highlights she’s now sporting are not only super coveted right now (don’t even try and tell me that you’re not trying to live out your 1997 Geri Halliwell fantasy), but they also make this wig look super realistic.


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morning 🤍 sending my love and prayers to you all! i hope everyone is staying safe ☁️

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Maybe it’s just me but is Kylie morphing into Sofia Ritchie here?

Kylie’s not the only one playing around with the chunky highlight trend though. Jeffree Star also posted an Instagram on Sunday night wearing a wig that makes us want to watch Clueless and buy a pager immediately.

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Just promise me you won’t even attempt trying this at home… unless you have personal access to Kylie or Jeffree’s wig collection…

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