The New KKW Beauty Mrs. West Collection Sold Out in 7 Minutes!

You snooze, you lose!

It’s been a minute since the last significant launch from KKW Beauty – Kim K’s makeup empire which is probably making her as much money as her TV appearances. If not more! What can we say? This family sure knows how to make money.

Fans of the brand had been waiting for its much-anticipated new collection, aptly titled Mrs. West, to drop, which it did on Friday. But no one knew just how quickly the products would fly off their proverbial shelves – most of the collection sold out in just seven minutes. That’s ALL!

Makeup by Mrs. West

This collection was a special one for Kim. It is based on the look that her long-time her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovi, created for her and Kanye’s wedding, complete with the floral backdrop (well, on the packaging, anyway!). This limited-edition collection was released on 24 May to celebrate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. I don’t know about you but it feels like a whole lot longer than that!

As for what’s in this collection, there WAS a palette, a lip kit, a lip liner and a blush, all of which sold out at lightning speed. A lip gloss, lipstick and a highlighter were also included in the lineup and are still up for grabs.

Because of just how quickly items in the collection sold out, many people took to social media to find out if they would be restocked. This prompted Mrs. West herself to take to Twitter with the answer none of her fans wanted to hear.

I guess we have all learnt a lesson: Set up camp in front of your PC so you can be the first to ‘add to cart’ next time some must-have makeup drops!

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