Kim Kardashian Tried to Squash Cultural Appropriation Claims With a Weird Throwback Photo


Kim Kardashian is known for switching up her look faster than you can say Todd Kraines, but she’s often accused of cultural appropriation. Remember those Fulani braids she wore to the MTV Movie and TV Awards last June? Well, it seems the appropriation conversation hasn’t totally clicked with Kimberly because she’s in hot water for her hair again, and she was forced to try and justify wearing her most recent style.

Lately, Kim has been sporting long, textured ponytail extensions that look just like the Yaki braiding hair you can find in a beauty supply store and that black women have been wearing for decades.

When she stepped out wearing the pony, Vogue wrote that she’s “bringing crimped hair back in a big way.” Clearly, that’s not the case because literally so many black women— including celebrities like Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, and Rihanna—have been wearing this style for longer than Kim. Of course, people on Twitter were quick to call out Vogue for their statement, and Kim for wearing the style.

Now that the internet has come for her, Kim is trying to pivot by claiming she’s been wearing this style since she was a baby. She posted a throwback photo of her with her grandpa and wrote, “My mom would crimp my hair all the time! I still have the same crimper machine and used it just recently.”

Kim probably thought this would squash any criticism she’s received recently, but it has backfired because people definitely noticed exactly what she was doing with that caption. One of her followers wrote, “she clearly is thinking of us if she felt the need to post this with the caption saying she’s been doing this.”

And another added, “Twitter dragged her for wearing kanekalon hair, and called her out for appropriating black culture, it’s not a coincidence miss Kim posted this with the caption stating she’s been doing this.”

On another note, some of her fans suggested she throw out that old crimper, which yes, agreed. There’s no way that thing could be working that well years later!

This post was originally published on cosmopolitan.com.

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