Kim Kardashian stole this mascara trick from Kylie and it’s changed the game

Our lashes will never look the same again – God bless you, Kardashians…

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So guys, Kylie Jenner gets a lot of attention for her lips, but have you ever noticed she has the actual best lashes? We have. And, it turns out, Kim Kardashian has, too.

As we’re all in continual pursuit of not only the best performing mascara on the planet, we’ve sort of lost sight of our experimental sides. But Kylie, in a video tutorial with big sis Kim has blown that wide open, and we are absolutely here for it.

Kim Kardashian gets (beauty) schooled

Ever feel like your bottom lashes need a boost, but as soon as you go in with the spooley, there’s an instant regret as you slowly descend into looking like the cross-breed of a tarantula and Bambi? If so, we’re so sorry to hear that, and our hearts to go out to you. But you’ll no doubt be happy to hear that the end of spidey lashes is nigh, thanks to our good friend Kylie. Your answer?

It’s brown mascara, folks.

…But only on your bottom lashes. Let us explain. In the video, Kylie creates her signature beat on Kim’s face, and when she reaches lashes, hands a tube of Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in shade 694 Overbrown to her sister.

At first Kim’s dubious, diplomatically smiling ‘what an interesting trick! I don’t think I’ll like it, but…’, but Kylie perseveres, instructing her to align the curve of the wand to the curve of her lash-line.

The result? A gorgeous, natural (sort of the lashes equivalent to the fake-freckle hack – enhancing the parts of a face that are normally only visible with minimal make-up, like natural-shade lashes and natural skin details).

The whole video is worth a watch (if only to see Kim shading a packaging malfunction with a Kylie Skin Face Setting Spray, jokingly calling it ‘cheap shit’ ?). Skip to 7 mins if you’re short on time.

‘ANOTHER step to add into my already exhaustive makeup routine? Why complicate things!?’ we hear you ask. But there’s method to the madness, we promise – Jenner told Vogue US she thinks a black mascara can look ‘too much’, opting instead for something subtler.

‘It’s actually against the rules in the last world to mascara your lashes, but I don’t care,’ she said. ‘I used brown on the bottom because I don’t like too much mascara on the bottom. So this just gives me more of a subtle look.’

We’re sold, to be honest – goodbye spider lashes, hello doe-eyed naturalness.

Dior not in your budget RN? We feel you, Januworry isn’t over yet! Here are some brown mascara alternatives to try:


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