Now Kendall Jenner is ALSO Launching Her Own Beauty Line

One family, many beauty products

The Kardashian clan aren’t just making their money off their hit TV show (although it’s fair to say they’d survive quite comfortably on that income alone). They are also business moguls, who love to collaborate with brands and even start their own empires, and considering their combined net worth is in the billions of dollars, they are doing a decent job of it. Kim Kardashian has her own makeup and haircare line, and lil’ sis Kylie has her brand Kylie Cosmetics, which is worth around R12 billion. But what does Kendall have, other than a modelling career that would make many people jealous? For now, just that. But soon, she will have a beauty line of her own.

Kendall Jenner – The Next Beauty Mogul

On 2 May, Kendall Jenner filed papers with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office where she is trying to get her full name, as well as just her first name, trademarked. The reason? She wants to start her own beauty line. She has no doubt seen her sister’s success and also wants in on the money-making action. The direction of her line hasn’t been decided (or at least registered) just yet, and could comprise of anything, ranging from skincare, makeup, fragrance, hair-styling products and nail polish. In other words, prepare yourself, because you might soon be stocking up on Kendall deodorant. You never know.

She is not the only celeb who is trying to expand their career by dabbling in the world of beauty. Her BFF Hailey Bieber is also reportedly going to be launching a beauty line of sorts, as are Ariana Grande and Olivia Jade. In other words, this saturated market is going to become just a little bit more crowded. We don’t mind though, because is there ever such a thing as too many beauty products?


Get to work, Kendall. We can’t wait for the big reveal!

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