Katherine Heigl Dyed Her Signature Blonde Hair Dark Brown and Looks Completely Different


  • Katherine Heigl just got a full makeover and dyed her signature blonde hair dark brown, a process that took three hours.
  • Katherine’s hair change is for her role in Netflix’s upcoming series Firefly Lane.

This has been a week of celebrity hair makeovers. Not only did Charlize Theron trim her hair into a bowl cut for her role in Fast & Furious 9 (wow, your elementary school yearbook pic is shook!), Harry Styles currently looks like Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things (no one is okay, thanks for asking), and now Katherine Heigl is out here as a brunette.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress is known for her signature blonde hair but got a complete and total makeover for her new role in Netflix’s upcoming series Firefly Lane. As a reminder, this is what she normally looks like—very blonde!

And she couldn’t look more different now. Katherine uploaded several process pics to Instagram, because, yes, dyeing that much blonde hair dark brown takes time:

katherine heigl, hair, brown, brunette, beauty, makeover, celeb


katherine heigl, hair, brown, brunette, dye, colour, makeover, celeb


The final result? THIS:

Which apparently took a full three hours to complete:

katherine heigl, hair, brunette, brown, colour, dye, makeover, beauty, celeb


FYI, Katherine is playing Tully Hart in Firefly Lane, the upcoming pretty dramatic-sounding Netflix series based on Kristin Hannah’s novel. The book is about Tully and her best friend Kate and spans 30 years of friendship until an ‘unthinkable betrayal breaks them apart and the two women go their separate ways.’

I’m intrigued. Mostly by Katherine Heigl with dark brown hair, but ya know.

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.

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