Jennifer Lopez just showed off her natural curly hair on Instagram


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This month has mostly consisted of celebrities revealing dramatic hair transformations. And can we blame them? Bright dye jobs have been a firm favourite (we’re looking at you, Hilary Duff and Dua Lipa), closely followed by the A-list embracing a more natural approach when it comes to their hair styling. And Jennifer Lopez is one of them.

We saw Vanessa Hudgens showcase her natural curls with a slo-mo shake of her ringlets for the camera (10/10 for presentation, Vanessa). Then the usually long-haired Kylie Jenner, gave us a glimpse of her shorter, lighter lockdown hair.

And just when we were in need of another dreamy hairstyle to swoon over, J-Lo posted a pool-side picture of herself, with the caption: ‘Mother Earth 🌿💧…. Be conscious of how you treat her. Love her and she will keep you forever. #HappyEarthDay

Is it just us, or are her stunning curls giving off serious ‘80s vibes? (think Baby in Dirty Dancing. Haven’t seen it? Add it to your lockdown film list).

Although we’re not being foolish enough to assume this couldn’t just be a throwback pic taken before lockdown, when Jennifer Lopez still had access to her go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Well, whoever’s responsible for the ‘do, Jen, we dig it…

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