Is the Bratz Doll Makeup Trend for Real or Are They Just Playing Around?

Makeup time and playtime are now the same thing

When it comes to makeup these days, it seems that inspiration can come from anywhere, even your old toy collection. When it comes to trends, we are always looking back, and some beauty junkies on Twitter have gone back to their childhood for the latest fad sweeping social media – Bratz Doll-inspired makeup. I kid you not!

All dolled up

Bratz hit the shelves in 2001, a modern take on the classic Barbie doll, and it became really popular with the young girls of that generation. They came kitted out with fashionable threads, took part in some movies and TV spin-offs and each had their own distinct personality, making them more relatable. Everyone had their favourite doll in this diverse collection, and people took to Twitter to show just HOW much they loved them by recreating the dolls’ makeup on themselves. That’s taking reminiscing to a whole new level!

While it’s unlikely that this trend will take off outside the realms of social media, it is pretty fun. Can we go back to being kids again, please?

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