The Internet is Not Happy About Zac Efron's New Look


A few days ago Zac Efron decided to try out a new hairstyle that has shocked the Internet.

He posted a moody black-and-white photo of himself on Instagram with his new dreadlocks and captioned it ‘Just for fun’. Uhmm… Sorry, what? Are you serious? Please say this is a joke?!

Just for fun 🤘

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Many people felt the image was inconsiderate and insensitive. They didn’t let it slide and called out the heartthrob for his ignorant and disappointing act of cultural appropriation.

One person said, ‘No, dude. Don’t do this. I say this as a white woman who grew up incredibly ignorant in North Dakota and had dreads when I was 19. Don’t. Do. This.’

Another person made a very valid point about how the post is very offensive to black people: ‘Black men were told to cut their dreads if they wanted the job, now you all want to wear dreads and it’s fashion???’

This Instagrammer summed up why this is cultural appropriation: ‘You all think it’s the hairstyle but it’s not – it’s the history behind the hairstyle.’

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