I Dyed My Own Eyebrows and It's So Easy That You Can Too

Bold brows in minutes

When it comes to my beauty routine, I’ll admit it – I’m lazy AF. The less I have to do the better, which means that I am a huge fan of tinting my eyebrows to minimise the amount of filling in I have to do each day. Better yet, my time in beauty school taught me to do it myself, so I also save money by not having to go to a salon. This is an easy and inexpensive exercise that anyone can do at home, and if you want to save time on your daily brow routine, then this is definitely something you want to know how to do. Trust me.

What You Need:

– Petroleum jelly
– A really thin paintbrush or makeup brush
– A jar of volume 10 peroxide, which can be bought at a chemist
– The eyebrow tint of your choice, which can be bought at stores such as Clicks or Dischem. I use a dark brown shade.
– A steady hand (optional!)

Step 1 If you shape your brows (unlike me – I’m low-maintenance) then do that a few days before. This is so that they are the shape you want but aren’t freshly plucked, as the tint and peroxide solution could burn any inflamed areas.

Step 2 Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the skin around your brows. This is to prevent the tint from dying your skin which is not a good look.

Step 3 Mix a pea-sized blob of tint with 10 drops of peroxide and mix together with the paintbrush or makeup brush until it becomes a smooth, blended paste.

Step 4 Apply the dye paste to your brows, quickly but carefully, and wait for two to three minutes before removing it (thoroughly) with a damp cloth or wipe, making sure to avoid your eyeballs. Remove the tint from the brow you applied to first because that would have had more time to take to those fine hairs.

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I always feel at my sexiest when I have dye on my brows. NOT.

Pro tip: It should be noted that if you have particularly sensitive skin, you might be itchy for a few days after application or even break out in a rash. This is why it’s important to test the dye-peroxide solution on another area of your body first. Applying an aloe-based gel to your brows directly after colouring them can also help to relieve any itchiness that may or may not ensue. Most of us are willing to suffer for beauty, but there is a limit!

And voilà! The tint on your brows will last between three and six weeks, depending on how often you wash your face, the products you use and how much sun exposure you get. But no biggie since you can now touch up your brow colour yourself, right? Now you can go forth and slay with beautiful, bold brows, all day every day.

eyebrows, brows, dye, colour, beauty, beauty how to, tutorial

My brows after a tinting sesh. Can I get an ‘on fleek’?

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