4 Black Lipstick Looks to Try

Black that’s definitely NOT basic

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, black lipstick is no longer reserved for the Gothic community. In fact, now that winter is on its way, the darkest shade on the spectrum can look especially cool if you do it right. Here’s how to rock the darkest of lip shades, no matter the occasion.

1 With Smoky Eyes

Some subtle smudged liner and expertly applied mascara can tie the look together without it looking too heavy. And no need to feel as though you can only come out like this under the cover of darkness – this look can be worn during the day and night.

2 With Glitter Eyeshadow

A look fitting for a night out on the town, pairing black lipstick with glittery eyelids can be fun as well as edgy. Stick with gold, silver or charcoal glitter to avoid things getting out of hand – remember: You want your lips to do the talking.

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3 With Winged Eyeliner

A great way to get your retro on is to pair winged liner with black lips instead of the usual red. This is an updated take on an old classic and it’s just as fierce as its predecessor. Bonus points if you also have a bold set of brows to tie up this dramatic look.

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4 With Minimal Make-up

The best way to make sure that your lips are getting all of the attention is to keep other make-up to a bare minimum (with ‘bare’ being the operative word). A little bit of a light shade on your eyelids, a bit of mascara and a sprinkling of confidence is all you need to pull this look off.

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