How to Make Your Face Look Like an Instagram Filter

Glow for the ‘Gram ☺️

We all want to look good IRL but that doesn’t always translate well when we take a selfie.


So how exactly DO you make sure that your skin looks ‘naturally’ flawless on your Instagram posts? You could use a filter. Or you could follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Polish Your Pearly Whites

Taking care of your teeth is something you should be doing for health reasons anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to use a whitening formula twice a day to make sure your teeth are white and bright. While at-home teeth whitening systems won’t give you quite the same effect as a mouth full of veneers – a favourite with celebs – it will give you a more natural lighter shade which you can show off with pride. Say ‘cheese’!

Step 2: The Perfect Canvas

Ever noticed how Instagram filters can make faces seem blemish and pore-free? This can be faked, and the most important beauty product to help you do that is a good primer. This should go on after cleansing your face and before any other makeup is applied. It can fill in pores, fine lines and blur out any imperfections. Look for ones with an illuminating formula – they can give you a gorgeous glow even without makeup on.

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Step 3: Bright Eyes

If you are going to use a foundation, this is the time to do it, but if you find that your skin looks AH-mazing with just a primer, feel free to forego it altogether. After primer (or after foundation) is the time to tackle any permanent problems, such as those pesky dark circles under our eyes. Use a brightener over the area and blend the edges into the surrounding skin or foundation to make you look wide awake – even if you’re not. It’s magic, fam!

Step 4: Powder Power

The thing that most people love best when using Instagram filters is the instant diffused lighting effect which is applied to photos. It’s handy and makes everyone look bomb! So how can you take this filter off your screen and into the real world? By using a soft, skin-finishing powder that gives a dimensional finish which will ensure that your makeup (if any) doesn’t look cakey and your skin looks fresh and luminous.

Step 5: Shape Your Face

You may have thought that contouring was dead, but this Kardashian-approved technique can help you look otherworldly in the best possible way. Doing it the right way can help make your face appear more slender and your cheekbones more defined. And who DOESN’T want that? The lighter shades are placed in the areas that you want to be highlighted and the darker shades to create depth and shadow. And their powers combined create the perfect face.

Step 6: Get Glowing

There’s nothing that ruins a good selfie quite like a sickly, pale glare coming from your face. The most popular Instagram filters are generally warm-hued, and there’s a good reason for this: it makes you look better. This is why finishing off your makeup look with a warm, shimmery bronzer is a good way to let your fav filter transcend into the real world. A swipe over the jaw, cheekbones, side of your forehead and nose will mimic a natural tan.

Perfection! Go out and Selfie! 🤳🤳🤳

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