How to Look Fresh After a One Night Stand – No Makeup Required


Ever gone for a low-key evening out and ended up meeting a sexy specimen on the dance floor and then waking up at their place after a consensual night of fun?


We’ve all been there. And while we might look great the night before, the next morning can have us looking and feeling a bit worse for wear.

These things often happen unexpectedly and, since we don’t tend to lug our entire makeup collection around with us, it can be hard to get presentable before you hit the road. Here are our tips on looking fresh after a one night stand.

1. Get Clean

The first step in looking gorgeous the morning after is to remove all traces of the night before. Invest in a travel-sized bottle of micellar water and wipes or some facial wipes so that you can clean off smudged makeup. Mascara can look like a smoky eye the next day, so you can leave a strategic amount to make your eyes pop.

2. Get Scrubbing

Something we should all carry in our bags, even if it’s just for moments like this, is a small toothbrush. This means that a one night stand need never get in the way of your oral hygiene again and you can scrub off and rinse all of the morning breath down the drain. Don’t have a toothbrush? Use your finger and some toothpaste – at least your breath will be fresh.


3. Stop the Smell

If you forgot to pack your perfume or deodorant in your bag, don’t fret. Even if you worked up a major sweat the night before, there is a solution. Reach for a bottle of hand sanitiser and rub that liberally into your pits and wipe of the slimy excess with some toilet paper. This will kill any nasty, odour-causing bacteria and help you to feel fresh.

4. Lots of Lip Balm

Pretty much everyone carries around a plain, nourishing lip balm in their handbag, and if you don’t you should definitely start. Why? Because they are a great post-one night stand pick-me-up. Not only can they be used to make your lips look moist and plump but they can also be used to tame unruly brows and as a dewy highlighter on your cheekbones.


5. Tame Your Tresses

The tossing and turning of sex and sleep can make your hair look a bit scary  when you emerge from the sheets the next day. Make your locks more presentable by using some gel (we advise looking in your new ‘friend’s’ bathroom cupboard) and smoothing it flat and securing in a neat low ponytail. And if you don’t have a hair tie, dental floss can work in a pinch.

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