How to give yourself this season’s hottest hairdo: the buzz cut

Tip #1: proceed with caution

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Ah, bald heads. We love to look at ’em, but – admittedly – most of us have been too scared to rock ’em. Until now, that is, because it seems that quarantine life is inspiring people to do things they never thought they ever would, with shaving a buzz cut being a surprisingly-popular choice among women the world over.

If you are feeling *influenced* to get out the clippers and reset your hair, here’s some pro advice so that you don’t have any regrets. You’ll thank us later.

Shaving your head 101

Is there anything that screams edgy-chic quite like a clean buzz cut? While there have been plenty of badass babes rocking them before the COVID-19 pandemic hit…

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Kristen Stewart's new buzz cut 😍😍😍

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… more and more people – local influencer Nadia Jaftha included – are finding bravery in these stressful and uncertain times and shaving off their locks.

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Golden Skin💫

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But before you go forth and pull this empowering beauty move on yourself, here’s how to do it, courtesy of hairstylist Adam Jones of Live True London.

1 Lose the length…

I know it’s exciting, but listen up, long-haired ladies: don’t get so overexcited that you go in with the clippers before cutting off as much of your length as you can. This will be helpful as your strands won’t get in the way or – worse – get stuck in the razor while you are busy shaving.  Not here for a scalping, thanks!

2… but not all of it

Even if you *think* you want your head to look like a round, shiny ball, it’s advisable to not go in for the closest possible shave and to leave a few centimetres of length to play with (and to feel less exposed if you are a buzz cut newbie). Setting number four on standard clippers should leave just over a centimetre of hair all around. Still too much? Go down in settings for a closer crop.

3 Take your time

Where to start? According to Alex, from the forehead and back, starting at the top of the head and moving on to the sides after. So yes, you will look like a monk ever-so-briefly. As for speed, the adage ‘slow and steady wins the race’ applies here, as taking your time will ensure a smoother, cleaner finish.

4 Finishing touch

All done? Not just yet! You will probably notice some stray hairs and unevenness around the ethereal orb that is your head. Fix this by using a lower setting on your electric razor to between three and one (depending on how short you want it) to clean up your DIY job. Are you feeling liberated yet?!?

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