You Are Probably Forgetting to Clean This Trending Skincare Tool

(and you should *definitely* change that)

As a self-respecting (and self-proclaimed) beauty junkie, you are probably aware of the importance of cleaning your tools. You are also probably aware of the trending new skincare tool, known as a jade roller.

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What do these two things have to do with each other? Turns out that many owners of the ancient gadget aren’t cleaning them properly, which can lead to skin-germ party that you don’t want to be invited to in the first place.


Keepin’ it Clean

Any tool that we use on our face daily, weekly or ever is going to collect bacteria. This might be a gross thought but it is also reality, and failure to clean your makeup and skincare gadgets can result in nasty breakouts and even infections. Sexy!

The rotating heads of jade rollers are made from semiprecious stones, making them fragile and in need of looking after. Here’s how to keep it not just sanitary, but in tip-top shape so that you get many years of great skin out of this trending skincare tool. You’re welcome.

You might think that using hot water is the best well to kill germs. It is pretty good at that, but it could also damage your jade roller over time. That is why it’s advised that you clean yours using warm, rather than scorching, water and wipe the device with a soft cloth or towel to remove build-up. This basic cleansing ritual should be performed after every time you have used your roller, especially if you struggle with acne.

For a deep clean – which is a good idea every two weeks or so – use a gentle soap or cleanser to tackle any stubborn residue and wash that sh*t down the drain. You don’t need that kind of filth in your life, or on your skin.

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