Hilary Duff just dyed her hair bright blue

Now this, this is what dreams are made of…

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While we might not have new episodes of Lizzie McGuire to keep us occupied during lockdown, we do have Hilary Duff herself. (And thankfully, all of the old episodes. Is it wrong to still harbour a Gordo crush in your thirties? Asking for a friend…)

Hilary Duff is feeling blue

Back in March (which literally feels like a lifetime ago), Hilary shared her daily makeup routine with Vogue in a video uploaded to their YouTube channel.

That’s when we discovered that Hilary is both a low-key makeup guru and a real beauty lover and it didn’t take long for us to start purchasing all of her makeup recommendations.

While other celebs like Lottie Moss and Elle Fanning are busy dyeing their hair pink during the hell that is the coronavirus lockdown, our Hilary decided to switch things up a bit.

As a natural blonde with no pre-lightening required, Hilary has the entire spectrum of vivid brights to choose from.

Never one to follow the crowd, instead of pink, Hils dyed her hair bright blue and to say that we are obsessed might just be the understatement of the century.

Of course, she took to Instagram to debut her new ‘do and not only do we now want teal-coloured hair, but we also kinda want Hilary’s bob.

Those layers, that volume, it’s like a modern-day Rachel Green. However, we’ll have to wait for lockdown to be over to realise that dream, as despite Chris Appleton’s home hair-cutting techniques, this is definitely one best left to the professionals.

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One thing’s for sure, between our new-found TikTok addiction and trying every product Kim Kardashian uses for her everyday glam, we have enough beauty content to keep us occupied for another six months.

Way better than a cover of John Lennon’s Imagine, don’t you agree?

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