10 Hilarious YouTube Beauty Fails You Have to See to Believe

You live and you learn

Fail videos are always a great way to have a laugh while putting your life into perspective. They are powerful like that. What a great reminder that things could always be worse. Beauty fails manage to be equal parts funny and distressing because we *know* how upset we would be if we found ourselves in a similar situation. And nope – even beauty bloggers aren’t immune to the occasional cosmetic catastrophe. We’ve rounded up some of the most hilarious fails on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Grab the popcorn and get ready to feel a lot of feelings.

1 Curling Fail

When using heated tongs to curl your hair, do so with caution or you could lose a chunk of your tresses (and struggle to get that burned hair smell out of your house).

2 Fringe Fail

Oh, lawd – this one would make any hair stylist scream! It is never advisable to cut your own fringe. Unless you want to look as bleak as this chick, that is.

3 Freckle Fail

Since Meghan Markle got involved with the Royal Family, people have been gagging over her cute freckles. This vlogger tried to recreate them with henna and it didn’t go as planned…

4 Brow Fail: Take #1

Not only are brows HUGE right now – both literally and figuratively – but they also frame the face. Basically, if something is off with your eyebrows, it can change your entire face.

5 Brow Fail: Take #2

This should go without saying that it is NEVER a good idea to put glue anywhere on your face as a way to remove hair, ESPECIALLY not on your brows!

6 Bleach Fail

Using bleach on your hair is risky, even when the pros do it. But trying to get your naturally dark hair blonde in a DIY job? We don’t recommend unless you like crispy, damaged hair.

7 Face Mask Fail

Peel-off charcoal face masks are becoming increasingly popular, but you might need to take some pain killers before removing it because it *really* adheres to the skin.

8 Fake Tan Fail

Look, we know that you want to keep your summer tan going through winter, but this can be fraught with problems so it’s advisable that you know what you’re doing. Unlike this guy.

9 Waxing Fails

As the old adage goes, beauty is pain. And no one knows that more than someone who waxes. This video compilation is filled with equal measures of pain and laughs. We’ve ALL been there!

10 Makeup Fails

The skill of applying makeup is just that: A skill. And sadly not everyone has it, as is evident from this compilation of beauty fails. Watch and learn, peeps.

The beauty world can be pretty dodgy. Play it safe!

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