Here's What to Look Out for When Buying a Facial Mist

Say it and also spray it

We can vaguely remember what life was like before facial mist, and it was bleak. Especially for our skin. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than to spritz some on to your face. It not only cools you down but can revive your skin and even your makeup, giving you a slightly-sweaty but oh-so-glorious glow. It’s definitely become a staple (and we might have them in our bathrooms, in our handbags AND on our work desks for, you know, just in case).


But, like with most things, face mists are not all created equal, and some of them might not really be doing anything to help your skin. Sad, but true. So what’s the difference between a ‘best’ and ‘blah’ version? Here’s the tea…

Spray Your Way

Spraying watery substances on to your face might feel great in the short term, but many facial mists on the market are just gimmicks. Why? Because if you are trying to tackle an issue such as dehydration, spraying water on to your face can actually make it worse, not better. This is because dry and dehydrated skin is lacking humectants, which are the proteins in our skin whose one job it is to bind and retain water. Spraying water on to your skin will result in an evaporation process taking place, which can leave you feeling even tighter than you did before.

So does this mean that your facial mist habit is a gateway drug to bad skin? Not necessarily – it just means that you need to take a squizz at the ingredient list before you decide you’ve found The One. The ingredients that you should be looking out for are humectants such as glycerine, hyaluronic acid and propylene glycol, all of which will do what you need from a good facial spray: Add some much-needed moisture and keep it there.

Not sure which facial mists to indulge in? Here are four we love. Buy it, spritz it, love it!


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