How to Wear Glitter If You Are A Makeup Minimalist

Get ready to shine (but not too much)!

Some people like to be covered in ALL the makeup ALL the time. And that’s great, but it’s also not for everyone. Adding glitter to the mix can cause makeup minimalists to question whether they can even get involved in this trend because it clashes with their personal aesthetic.

We get it – staying true to who you are and your individual style is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself. So how can you wear this shimmery substance if you prefer your makeup look to be a tad more low-key? Here are some tips:

Keep it Concentrated

There are loads of makeup artists posting pics on the ‘Gram of themselves with what looks like a full face of glitter.


There are very few people who can pull this off, especially in real life. If you want some sparkle but don’t want to go overboard, choose an area you’d like to add some to and limit it to that feature. Whether it be your eyes, your cheekbones or your lips, pick your best bit and emphasise it with some shimmer. Easy does it!

Line ‘Em Up

Glitter can be a daunting material to work with, and the loose pigments can land up all over your face, outfit, your house, your boyfriend…the list is endless! Fortunately, there are loads of brands that have created hybrid products like glitter-packed eyeliner to make application smooth and precise. Doing a small line of glitter on your upper or lower lash line can add a lil’ something shiny to your look.

Find Your Formula

Just like people, glitter comes in all shapes, sizes and shades, which means that wearing this trend comfortably could be as simple as finding the type you like.


Chunkier glitter should be used more sparingly and sparsely rather than being densely packed, as this will give a chic, runway-esque look. But if you are still on the fence, a fine and powdery formula can bring just as much drama.

The Perfect Placement

Once you’ve met your perfect glitter formula match, you need to decide on the appropriate placement. For most people, this is around the eye area, with the middle, outer or inner corners of the eyelids being the most popular. If you are feeling brave, a glitter-filled lip gloss over your lipstick gives a juicy effect and using it as highlighter, by applying a small amount to your cheek bones, will have you radiating festival vibes. Keeping the rest of your makeup minimal make the glitter take centre stage and prevent you from feeling too made up.

Go forth and sparkle!

1. Essence Get Your Glitter On! Loose Glitters – Life Of The Party

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2. Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow – Enchantress

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3. Mirror Moon Eco Glitter – Aphrodite

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4. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter – Distortion

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