If you want instant cheekbones, ask your hair stylist for ‘invisible layers’

Subtle changes = massive impact

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Growing up and trying to be cool in the early 2000s meant that you had to ask for layers when you went to the salon. I remember this because I asked for some and ended up with a mushroom head up top and thin, mist-like whisps down below. But that was the naughties, and things were a lot more extreme back then. Today, more and more people are requesting ‘invisible layers’ which are an updated, more subtle version that frames the face and can give the illusion of killer cheekbones. We want in.

Love me some layers

While you might cringe at the idea of layers in your hair, most of us – bar those with a blunt bob – actually already have them, claims pro hairstylist Luke Hersheson. A grown-out fringe is an example of them. And they can really do a great job at framing your face and making your cheekbones pop. But they have to be subtle, unlike the choppy ledges that were so popular in decades past. A hairstylist can create these modern ‘invisible layers’ by using a razor or thinning scissors rather than going heavy-duty with their tools.

But why would you want layers, anyway? They can give your hair some va-va-voom in the form of volume, and can give your locks bounce, movement and a more natural finish. ‘Invisible layers’ that are executed well also shouldn’t create unnecessary drama when it comes to styling, as they should ‘go with the flow’ and blend in with the rest of your hair.

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of looks that make use of ‘invisible layers’ with drool-worthy results:

The moral of the story? Don’t be scared when it comes to adding layers to your hair. They may have had a rocky start when they were first popularised in the 90s and 2000s, but they have come a long way and can seriously elevate your look. Trust us.

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