Hailey Bieber is Going to Be Launching Her Own Beauty Line

Oh hello, Bieber Beauty.

You would think that Hailey Bieber would be too busy enjoying marital bliss and modelling to have time for other endeavours; apparently not, as she’s working on a beauty line, and has already trademarked its name-to-be: Bieber Beauty.

Hailey Bieber is a Beauty Babe

When it comes to the beauty industry, a big hit can mean big bucks, which is no doubt why so many celebs are jumping on this profitable bandwagon. I mean, Rihanna is doing pretty darn well for herself thanks, in part, to the launch of Fenty Beauty two years ago. Other celebs, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and not forgetting the Kardashian-Jenner clan, have all had success with their respective beauty brands, so it makes perfect sense for Hailey to follow suit. Which is apparently exactly what she is doing.

While you might not exactly associate this highly-acclaimed model with cosmetics and skincare, she has been through a lot with her skin, especially since going on birth control pills when she and the Biebs got hitched, so perhaps her company will be creating products that are geared to treating acne? There is no information available yet, so anything is possible.

This is also not her first foray into the world of beauty, and she recently did a campaign for international brand BareMinerals, who she is also an ambassador for. Fortunately, this collab isn’t a conflict of interest just yet, but in the near future, she might have to stick to punting her own products instead. Not that she’ll need to, because it’ll probably fly off the shelves because everyone wants to have a face as flawless as hers.

According to her makeup artist, Hailey is ‘very adventurous’ when it comes to experimenting with new looks and products, which means we could be in store for an exciting line. And now, the countdown begins!

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