Hailey Bieber Just Got a WHOLE COLLECTION of Hand Tattoos

Why get one when you can get a ton?

Are you itching for some ink and looking for some tattoo inspiration that is both badass AND girlie? Well, look no further because Hailey Bieber just got a WHOLE BUNCH of teeny tiny tattoos on her hand, and the result is dainty perfection!

Tiny Tatts

The Bieber family (well, all two of them) are known for collecting ink. The Biebs himself is so covered in tattoos that he’d be hard-pressed to find space for anymore, TBH. Last year, Justin revealed that his wife had 19 tattoos back then, but this number has increased exponentially because she has just added a whopping 10 to her collection. Sure, they are small and delicate but it’s still a lot of pain to endure in one sitting. She’s clearly one brave chick!

Here’s a picture of the body art, which was done by celebrity fave Dr. Woo. He also just gave Miley Cyrus a new tattoo inspired by her Italian vacation with Kaitlynn Carter.

Dreamy, right? She has a ‘B’ etched in her skin above her pinky finger, probably because that’s the letter her new-ish surname starts with. As for the rest of the elements, we see various stars, moons and floral designs, as well as some dot work and lines.

Wondering how the details are so fine? This is because Dr. Woo uses the single-needle technique, which allows for more small detail and more precision in his tattoo work. And just because the designs are so dainty doesn’t mean that they don’t make an artistic impact.

Want to steal this look? Don’t, because A) copying other artists’ designs infringes on their rights and is considered plagiarism, and B) it’s not easy to find employment if you have visible tattoos, and keeping your hands covered all day is probably not a viable option.

If you are feeling inspired, however, book an appointment with a tattoo artist near you and work with them to create something that is uniquely you and suits your lifestyle. Because what’s better than personalised artwork? Not much.

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