Had a Rough Night? Here Are 5 Ways to Hide Your Hangover

No-one will ever know…

We all like to let our hair down and have a good time. For some of us, this includes the occasional tipple. Other than guzzling down as much water as you can stomach, here are some fast-acting tips on hiding your hangover from your friends, family or colleagues.

1 Clean Up

Chances are that if you got home wasted, you won’t have removed all your makeup and the general grime from your face. We’ve all been there and are not judging. But this is VERY BAD for your poor skin!

To make up for it, use a good-quality, hydrating micellar water to get rid of anything that might have been left behind. Squeaky clean!

2 M-O-I-S-T-U-R-I-S-E!

You know how when you wake up hungover, your tongue can be stuck to the roof of your mouth? This is because you are dehydrated, and if you are feeling it on the inside, your skin is feeling it too.

3 Calm Your Canvas

Using a good primer is the best way to smooth out any lumps and bumps on your face for a smooth, flawless application. But why use a normal primer when you can use one that has been specifically created to take care of your skin the morning after?

This one helps to add even more hydration and calm redness, so that you look bomb before you even put your makeup on.

4 Conceal & Correct

One of the biggest standouts the day after a drinking sesh is a seriously baggy and dark under-eye area. This can be rectified using your regular concealer or colour correctors. When it comes to applying your foundation, mixing some illuminator drops to your product can help to give your skin a fresh, wide-awake glow. Fake it ’til you make it!

5 Your Makeup Must-Have

When it comes to the rest of your makeup, you can pretty much do what you would normally do. Some advice, though: the eyes are the part of your face that are most likely to give away your shenanigans from the night before, so it’s a good idea to draw attention away from the upper part of your face.

The solution? A bold, bright lip colour. It’s foolproof, fam.

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