Gucci's Debut Makeup Collection Is All About Embracing Imperfections

‘For the bold, the bright and the beautiful.’ ❤️

When we think of ad campaigns in the world of beauty, they are generally starring drop-dead-gorgeous models and celebs. You know, the kind of people we have been indoctrinated to want to look like. After all, isn’t using people with aspirational looks the key to selling beauty products? Apparently not, because the online marketing for Gucci’s debut makeup collection has started doing the rounds on social media, and it’s all about embracing imperfections. You’ll see what we mean soon.

Gucci is Launching a Makeup Collection

Gucci is a brand that has been around for yonks, and everybody knows who they are. In terms of beauty, this is an area that was (until now) untapped by the brand, other than their beloved fragrance collection. And seeing as their perfumes are so popular, we are sure that despite (or because of) the images they have used to advertise their upcoming makeup collection, it is bound to fly off the shelves as well.

This brand is no stranger to controversy – or just the occasional side-eye – and they are definitely about breaking the mould rather than adhering to convention. Their new beauty campaign stars, among others, punk singer Dani Miller, and her perfectly-imperfect set of gnashers.

And while her teeth might not be what we are used to seeing trying to sell us makeup, we love that they are showcasing badass women who don’t necessarily fit the mould.

As you might have guessed, the new Gucci beauty collection is all about lipstick. They are launching three categories in stunning 58 shades. This is huge! And it is going to make spending money on makeup even more difficult.

If this ad campaign teaches us anything, it’s that ‘strangeness’ is human. And since we all have a bit of weird in us, perhaps it’s time we started embracing it – while wearing a bougie lipstick, of course.

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