6 Common Nail Problems And How To Fix Them

Problem: Your manicure always smudges. Solution: Quick dry spray. 💅💅💅

Want to perfect your at-home mani game? Here are six must-have products to keep your nails looking their best – and you can shop them RN. *adds items to cart*

Problem #1: Your mani finish is lumpy

Solution: Cuticle remover

Often lumps and bumps in your manicure finish could be a result of that skin around your cuticles being a nuisance under the varnish. You want to make sure that before you even start with a base coat that you make sure that the surface of your nail is smooth. If not, pop some cuticle remover around the base and prepare to be amazed!

Problem #2: Your manicure always smudges

Solution: Quick dry spray

We’ve all been there – you want to quickly paint your nails before a night out and you think they are dry, but still manage to smudge before you even get to show them off. WORST! Luckily this problem can be prevented if you spray some of this setting spray on to your nails after painting them. This will make for a solid, long-lasting mani.

Problem #3: You are spending WAY too much money at the salon

Solution: Do it yourself!

Going to the salon for a pamper sesh is nice and all, but they don’t come cheap. This means you might have to end the co-dependent relationship between you and your manicurist and start doing your nails at home. This kit with colour, a coating and a French tip pen will make the transition easier and your nails will still look totally bomb.

Problem #4: Your manicures are boring AF

Solution: Jazz ’em up

Not everyone likes their manicures basic. Nail art is fast becoming a thing but this sort of decor will cost you if you go to a salon. Why not try your hand at your own custom designs using this fun and easy-to-use tattoo liner which allows you to draw on to your nails with absolute precision. Now all you need are a steady pair of hands and you’re all set!

Problem #5: No matter what you do, your manis just don’t last

Solution: Start doing your own gel nails

Even if you are really vigilant and apply a base and a top coat to your manicure, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to last. If you want something with staying power, gel nails are the way to go. But rather than forking out cash every few weeks, why not DIY-it? This handy lamp means you can do your own gel mani at home, at work, or even on the bus. True story!

Problem #6: Your mani habit is ruining your nails and fingers

Solution: Apply cuticle oil on the daily

Wearing polish, gel and acrylics on your nails all the time can make them unhealthy. Sad, but true. This means that you should give them time to breathe between manicures and treat them daily so that they stay in good condition. Cuticle oil is your friend, and we advise you to use it daily for sexy, smooth hands and fingers.

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