Glass Hair is the Latest Beauty Trend with a Celebrity Following

✨ Super shiny ✨

Ready to hear about the next big trend that celebs love and is near impossible to achieve? First came glass skin, and now – glass hair.

Straight ‘n Shiny

If social media and red-carpet sightings are anything to go by, tousled waves are taking a back seat for the time being to make way for this shiny new trend. Glass hair, which has been spotted on the heads of celebs such as Kim K, Blac Chyna and Bella Hadid. And what exactly is it? Generally a shorter style, like a bob or lob cut, with a super sleek finish so that the hair really shines – just like glass.

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This glossy-haired look is not easy to achieve. Unless you are blessed with naturally pin-straight hair (unlikely) then it requires plenty of straightening and products to get it right. Which isn’t easy for us mere mortals who don’t have a personal stylist on speed dial. And since frizz and flyaways just won’t cut it for this trend, a dry hair oil should be applied to the length of the hair in order for it to look red-carpet ready. Or you could just invest in a wig.

Sure, glass hair might be lush, but it’s way too high maintenance, don’t you think? Beach waves and beautiful braids – we are ready for you to make a speedy comeback!

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