This Cat's Bad Haircut Has Gone Viral and Proves that It Happens to Literally All Species

Not even our pets are safe 😱

We’ve all been the victim of a bad haircut at some time or another. I can even brag that I have more than one to my name. My boyfriend is also currently sporting one which he has me to thank for. It happens to everyone (often at the worst times) and can be totes debilitating until it has grown out. It’s a shared struggle that we can all relate to. But just in case you thought that this was a strictly, um, human phenomenon, one cat is here to prove to you that it’s not.

A Hair Cat-astrophe

While your everyday moggie grooms itself with some strategic licks, some cats, especially those with long fur, are often taking for grooming sessions at the feline equivalent of a salon. One cat, Oliver, shocked his owners last week when he arrived home with a totally bizarre new ‘do. The owner shared the images on Twitter and they have now gone viral because the only thing better than cute cat pictures are cute cats with bad haircut pictures. With that, here is Oliver before and after he went on his image-changing appointment:

It doesn’t even look like the same creature!

The worst part of the whole situation is that the owner’s partner actually asked the ‘stylist’ for this cut. He obviously has a good sense of humour (and little concern for Oliver’s dignity). Fortunately, the good people of the internet came through with all sorts of encouraging comments and reassuring the owner that it wasn’t ‘that bad’. They lied, but it’s okay because the fur will grow back eventually and Oliver will be back to his majestic self, and he can put this embarrassing but inevitable rite of passage behind him.

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