Freckle Tattoos are Trending, Thanks to Meghan Markle

They are being ‘spotted’ everywhere!

Meghan Markle is beloved for (among many things) her really natural approach to beauty. Her freckles have recently become a major talking point – she always tells makeup artists not to cover them because she still wants to look like herself, whether she’s out and about, being photographed or casually getting married to a prince. This is a mantra we can all get behind and no doubt, many people who have always felt self-conscious about their freckles are rejoicing. It’s about time!

But while we are ALL about celebrating what makes us unique, things have taken a turn for the weird– as they so often do. People are now getting freckle tattoos inspired by the Duchess of Sussex. Yes, you read that right.

Making a Mark(le)

While freckle tattoos had their moment in the spotlight (or at least on our Instagram feeds last year), this trend never really took off for obvious reasons. People then swiftly moved onto freckle stickers, which have been all the rage at music festivals, and come in colourful varieties, because trends come and go but tattoos are forever.

It seems as though some people don’t care about the lifelong commitment and are getting them permanently etched onto their faces. There’s reportedly been a huge surge in popularity since Meghan said ‘I do’ on the 19th of May. They obviously don’t see this as a passing trend but rather an investment that might bring them one step closer to bagging a Royal. Whatever it takes, I guess.

We won’t lie, these tattoos are pretty cute but we’re not sure if we’ll ever be ready for this insane level of royal beauty trend-setting. The Meghan Effect is strong, peeps!

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