People Are Showing Off Their 'Food Babies' On Social Media

‘Congratulations – it’s a hamburger!’

When it comes to weight distribution, mine loves to settle around my mid-section. To top it all off, after eating a particularly rich or filling meal, my stomach can swell up so much that unless I walk around sucking in for dear life, I could look as though I am a few months into a pregnancy. I even have to undo the top button of my jeans on an all-too-regular basis. Does this struggle sound familiar? That’s because this is such a common problem that women have started showing off their ‘food babies’ on Twitter. Solidarity at its finest!

‘Baby’ on Board

The experience of heavy bloating after eating, or developing ‘food babies’, is something that most people don’t talk about, especially not on the over-critical internet – a place where women are still being encouraged to adhere to restrictive diets. One London-based influencer however, started an online conversation about this phenomenon after posting a picture on Twitter of her bloated belly.

She then encouraged other people to follow suit, which they did.

The people following this hilarious  – and relatable – thread were glad that others were sharing their food babies on the internet as this should go a long way in normalising this bodily function.

In light of this social media trend, we’ll just be over here finding the best lighting angle for our bumps. We are not ashamed.

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