Fibreglass nails, a mani you’re gonna want to try

Just casually planning post-lockdown damage control

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Lockdown has taken an overgrown manicure to new heights. Some of us are starting to look like we just had a shocking set of coloured tips done (super awks). It’s no doubt that not being able to get that refill sucks, but a girl can only dream right?

If you’re one to try new things nails-wise, you’re going to want to lend us your ear, because this nail trend might just be for you.

Fibreglass nails

Fibreglass nails are a less common nail system to the usual hard gel/acrylic and tips. The method uses a cloth-like material to reinforce and add length to the nail. This material is glued from the centre of your nail up and positioned to cover and extend beyond your tips, then a thick layer of resin gel is painted onto the material which hardens it thus, creating a flexible extension. Once that’s done, your nail tech will shape the nail and apply your desired gel nail polish. Confused? Watch the vid below.

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Fiberglass and hard gel fillers.⁣ Applying hard gel like this was quite fun and actually comfortable! You simply direct it into the place where you need and that’s it! ⁣ ⁣ I used color called “Nude multimodeling”, they also have clear and base coat in the similar tube.⁣ Products by⁣ _______________________________________ 🇷🇺 Моделирование ногтей с помощью стекловолокна и гелевых филлеров. ⁣ Наносить гель таким способом было необычно, но очень удобно! Просто направляем носик в нужное место и все. ⁣ ⁣ Я использовала цвет “nude”, также есть прозрачный и база “multiscotch”, которая также идет в тюбике с дозатором.⁣ Все материалы от⁣

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But there’s always a catch, isn’t there?

Although fibreglass nails are the most natural-looking, there are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of giving them a try. Unlike acrylic nails, these extensions only last about two weeks before you’ll have to get them removed. Not only that but, when it comes to the length of the extensions, you can’t go crazy with it and have to keep it slightly short. If you’re willing to overlook that, then these nails are guaranteed to make everyone wish they had your nail genes.

And removal?

Removing fibreglass nails is as easy as soaking them in acetone and filing the softened cloth down. It has to be carefully done though, especially if you still want your grown-out nails to flourish on their own. Side note, we see you picking off your gelish nails in an attempt to get rid of them. Girl, STOP, this is so bad for your nails.

Not many nail bars in South Africa offer this service as of yet. But, with everyone sitting and brewing ideas about how to better their businesses, I won’t be surprised if this option becomes more available post-lockdown. Whether it is worth the try or not, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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