Soap is bad for your vagina. Why I switched to feminine hygiene products instead

Handle your bits with care!

Three natural soaps on a wooden desk

My vagina has really put me through the wringer. For years I suffered from an on-again, off-again itch that had me scratching my head (and further south) for a long time. After plenty of suffering and plenty of internet detective work, I came to the realisation that I should probably eliminate soap from my vaginal cleansing regimen.

I made the switch to feminine hygiene products (which I also refer to as ‘fanny wash’  – it’s cute, no?) and the mysterious itch disappeared. It’s safe to say that I am officially converted!

Front-bottom freshness

There’s no denying it – feminine hygiene products are a thing. This is because more and more women are finding that regular soap = irritation. From disrupting the ideal pH balance to sensitivity to fragrances, things can kook out in your koek area fairly easily.

Hey, it’s a delicate ecosystem down there! Sure, you could skip the cleanser altogether – vaginas are, after all, self-cleansing organs.


Or, if you are waaaaay to self-conscious to let it do its own thing (it gets pretty sweaty in the summertime) you can opt for feminine hygiene products instead.

So you want to make the switch but don’t know which intimate wash to try? GynaGuard is a South African brand that has plenty of options when it comes to keeping your lady bits clean and comfortable.

There is a range dedicated to daily maintenance and another one that is designed to soothe irritation and restore the pH. Some even contain probiotics to keep your fanny flora happy and healthy. If you feel like your vagina isn’t living her best life, it might be time to invest in some body care products that are formulated just for her.

Want your vagina to feel fresh AF? Here are two best-selling feminine hygiene products that guarantee it:


GynaGuard Essential Intimate Wash


This is a gentle yet effective intimate cleanser that rinses away odour-causing germs and maintains the ideal pH balance


GynaGuard Intimate Cleansing pH Bar


This colour-free, fragrance-free is enriched with vitamin E and amino acids to aid in maintaining a healthy pH balance in your most intimate parts


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