Master The Enchanting Fairy Look with this Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Achieve ethereal, glittery drama!✨✨

Makeup artist Rushana Isaacs delivers yet another fabulous Halloween makeup look that’s easy and fun to wear. If you’ve alway wanted to rock the coloured eyebrows trend, well this Halloween makeup look is the perfect opportunity for it. Check out the video below and our recommendations on some great products you’ll need to ensure you ace the look!

Coloured Eyeshadow Palettes

This Halloween makeup look it is all about colour and ethereal drama! In a world filled with so much makeup, one is always on the hunt for the perfect bright and punchy eyeshadow palette. Colourful eyeshadow palettes are fun and a perfect way to take your makeup to the next level! With that in mind, here are our favourite bright eyeshadow palettes.


To achieve the out-of-the-box fairy look, try using cream eyeshadows which will provide a much more defined appearance and better coverage to complete the look.

High Drama Eyebrows

The idea of wearing colourful eyebrows as an everyday look can be a bit too intense, which is why they are perfect for occasional moments like Halloween. To create high drama brows play around with eyeliners that have a creamy consistency and mascaras with intense pigmentation.


To master the look, start off with subtle tint colours like blues, greens and reds then gradually increase the intensity of the colours. Just remember to have fun with it and don’t take yourself seriously!

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