Face Mapping: What Your Breakouts Say About Your Health?

The breakouts on your face are more than skin deep

Hands up if you suffer from breakouts every now and then. Yeah, me too and they always appear at the worst time. Well, according to science it turns out that your breakouts are actually trying to tell you something about your body. Which in most cases isn’t something we want to know.


In Chinese medicine (mien shiang,) when your skin starts acting up it means that something is not going well inside of you. According to acupuncturist, Angela Zhang, your face is like a mirror of your health. When illness starts, the energy flow affects the features of the face, causing breakouts and colour changes such as pigmentation. So whenever there is an imbalance of something in your body, the first place it will show is on your face.

Face mapping

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What your breakouts mean


This area indicates there might be an over-consumption of rich foods, stress or lack of water consumption. To break it down exactly, the forehead has to do with the digestive system and stress so because you’re so stressed out, you’re probably also eating unhealthily.

The middle of the forehead in between the eyebrows means an over-consumption of alcohol or possibly an allergy issue, like being lactose intolerant. Cut down on all the bad food, get exercising and get more sleep to keep the forehead in check.


Breakouts in this area once again indicate stress but most times it’s because of hormonal imbalances or poor diet. You’ll find that during your cycle your body breaks out more than usual because of the shift in hormones (and also because period cravings are a real thing).

Keep your hormone levels in check by making sure your diet consists of more fruit and vegetables to prevent any unwanted visitors.


This suggests a congestion in the large intestine caused by processed food, which is basically anything from quick-ready-to-eat meals to takeouts. 

To clear up this issue, go for healthier alternatives to the food you love, such as more homemade meals and fresh fruits. 

While some breakouts and pimples may be temporary, we still do advise that you visit a dermatologist if some spots or breakouts appear to be a more serious problem.

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