We’re laminating our what? The beauty trend that guarantees bomb brows

Who knew brows and paper could have something in common?

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When I think of the word ‘lamination’, I immediately think of periodic-table posters in science class. So seeing it being mentioned in the realm of beauty was 100% weird and also highly ironic, cause weren’t science experiments the very same reason people lost their eyebrows once upon a time? Anyways, there’s a new generation of lamination on the scene that, again, has nothing to do with third-period chemistry, you guys. Eyebrow laminating – heard of it? It’s a new technique that’s about to shake up everybody’s brow game and it looks like such a vibe. WTF is it and how does it work? Read on to get clued up on this snazzy eyebrow trend.


Brow lamination is a technique that originally started in Russia. It kind-of imitates a perm that straightens out your brow hairs and tames them as well. The result is vertically slicked-up brow hairs that are uniform and look fuller (what a bomb illusion!).

But tell us more, sis…

Okay, so as already mentioned, it’s a perm of sorts. A lifting cream is applied to your brows, which has a strong chemical called ammonium thioglycolate that works at breaking the bonds of each hair. This is where the magic happens; as your artist can then brush your brow hairs up into place.

You’ll probably need to go into self-reflection mode for 10-12 minutes as the cream does its thing. Once that’s out of the way, a neutraliser is applied to your brows to rebuild the bonds broken down by the perming cream. And to give your eyebrows that healthy, glossy finish? A nourishing oil is applied to replenish and moisturise your brow hairs. Only then will your brow artist do the shaping and tinting if needed. Overall, you’ll be out of there in an hour tops!

Wait, is this even safe?

Nothing makes me more nervous than ‘beauty is pain’ talk. Like, can it *not* be thooo? There are a few things you need to take into account regarding this eyebrow trend before you book yourself an appointment. Firstly, it’s semi-permanent and will last for up to six weeks and, unlike microblading, it won’t be uncomfs (yay). All in all, it’s a really cool treatment that seems to do just the right things to get you editorial-looking brows, minus the effort (your early morning soap brow routine will be a thing of the past now).

Many brow and lash bars are hopping onto the wave (and showing it off on the ‘Gram) so I suspect you won’t be contemplating for long before you’re convinced to get this treatment yourself. What you can do for now, while you decide, is get yourself familiar with the soap brow technique. It’s the closest way to get to laminated looking brows for just a day, but they certainly look just as hot.

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