Everything You Need to Know About Makeup Primer

Time to prime!

If you are a makeup fundie, or even just a casual wearer, chances are you are familiar with primer. This genius product (how did anyone live without it?) preps your face before applying foundation. It has the magical ability to fill in fine lines and pores and also correct issues with your complexion so that your finish is flawless. In other words, it’s a miracle in a tube. Despite its transformative properties, there are still some naysayers who brush it off as merely another unnecessary item companies want us to spend money on. Well, call us big spenders because we can’t imagine our face-beat routine without it. Here’s why you should be using makeup primer too.

What even IS primer?

Makeup primer is, as the name suggests, a product that prepares your skin for whatever you are going to be putting on afterward by creating a smooth canvas. Some people use serums as a primer, and that’s fine, but the most popular variety are ones that are silicone-based. This is what gives skin that smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt feeling when you touch your face after application.

*Soooo soft*

The main reason why it’s important is that it helps to keep your makeup in place for longer. There are also primers designed to tackle skin issues, such as dullness and acne, and make you look like the most radiant version of you. What’s NOT to love?

How should primer be applied?

Makeup primer is generally applied straight after the last step in your skincare routine. This should be done using your fingers to ensure a smooth application and then left for at least a minute to dry. A little goes a long way, so don’t go crazy on the amount you use and start out small, adding more as you go if needed.

If you are quite happy with how your makeup looks even without primer, but have a few dry or oily patches that need some help, you can limit your primer usage to those areas. This can save you both time AND money.

Which primer should I be using?

We’re glad you asked! As mentioned earlier, there are so many primers on the market and they can do anything from adapt to different skin tones, brighten dull or calm red complexions and even prevent that T-zone shine from developing around midday. And because we know that too many options can be overwhelming, here are seven suggestions based on your skin’s needs.

To brighten a dull complexion…

To combat any redness on the skin…

For a mega-boost of hydration…

For reducing the appearance of pores…

For a primer that adapts to all skin tones…

For when you are going to be breaking a sweat…

For making sure your eye beat stays in place all day…

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