Looking for some Afropunk makeup inspiration? Sis, Euphoria is THEE plug

OTT eye looks for the festival lover ✨

euphoria makeup

If you haven’t heard of everyone’s new favourite teen drama, Euphoria, girl where the hell have you been? Besides serving addictive drama, mad visuals and one major finale cliffhanger (never forget), the series also sparked a game-changing beauty movement that we guarantee will consume IG feeds for years to come.

Introducing, ‘Euphoria Makeup’ – sparkles, rhinestones, bright eye shadow, it involves all! Our ten-year-old glitter-and-Crayola-makeup obsessed selves were really onto something back in the day, who would have thought?

Makeup artist Michelle-Lee Collins (IG: @magicalmishelle) gives a step-by-step guide on how she recreated two of Euphoria’s most iconic beauty lewks, so you can do so too.

how-to: rhinestone sky blue eyes

step one

line ’em up

Grab a blue cream eye shadow or liner and apply the colour below your lower lash line, extending the line past the outer corner of your eye and towards the end of your brow.

step two

seal it off

Next, run the liner around the inner corners of your eyes, above your crease and then finally connect it with the wing shape created in step 1 and repeat on the other eye.

step three

get shady

Here’s where the fun begins! Colour in your crazy wing (this includes your waterline) then layer up on mascara.

step four

bring out the bling

Go apesh*t with crystals – applying these along the edges of your killer wing. Michelle suggests combining crystals in different shapes and colours, ‘the more faceted the crystals, the more light your look will reflect’. You glow, girl!


next up…

how-to: 3D eye spikes

step one

art pop

Prep your look by cutting elongated, skinny triangles in different lengths and sizes. ‘Use cellophane in a variety of colours, reflective wrapping paper, nail foils or whatever fabulous paper that catches your eye’, says Michelle.

step two

set your guide

Apply black liquid liner around the inner corner of the eye, about 1cm from the tear duct and draw a C-shape, framing your entire eye. An NB tip from Michelle? Try doing this in one flowing action – confidence is required here. You can do it, bbz.

step three

time to build…

…one piece of shiny paper at a time. With a Q-tip, apply light layers of lash glue along the liner shape you’ve created then start placing your shiny triangles. Michelle recommends ‘layering cellophane over the reflective papers to create depth and an edgy, futuristic colour story.’

step four

keep it clean

Finish off with mascara and a glossy nude pout. An OTT eye look like this is best paired with a neutral face. Now go off and stunt on the ‘Gram sis!

Watch our second Euphoria-inspired COSMO Beauty Lab demo down here: 

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