Dry Shampoo for Your Vagina Exists (and We DON'T Recommend It!)

Don’t say it OR spray it

As if women aren’t made to feel as though their vaginas are ‘dirty’ often enough, there are now products on the market that intend to make us feel even worse about our lady parts. Freshening spray – or dry shampoo – created specifically for our intimate areas. And this is a beauty product that we aren’t going to be endorsing anytime soon.

Not So Fresh

Over the last few years, vaginas have become big business in the beauty world. Not long ago, a line of vagina masks were released to give our yonis some additional (unnecessary) TLC. There was also a brief stage where vaginal glitter, dubbed as ‘passion dust‘, was being sold to make our nether regions more exciting during intercourse. Maybe these items would make self-care and sex more fun, but they are definitely not necessary, or even good for you. The latest craze that is making us shake our heads in disbelief is ‘freshening spray’ for the vagina, which is similar to dry shampoo in that it is meant to give you an instant downstairs refresh, but it can have some not-so-fresh consequences.

Our vaginas are a very delicate ecosystem which needs to stay in balance in order to remain balanced. It can easily be thrown out of whack by harsh chemicals and perfumes (in other words, everything that freshening sprays contain). They also happen to be self-cleaning, which means that they don’t need any help – from soaps or sprays – to be perfectly happy and healthy. The need for this type of personal hygiene product is fuelled mostly by women’s insecurities about how they smell, which no doubt comes from men. But if something funky *is* happening down there, your best bet would be to visit your gynae rather than reaching for the spray.

The human body produces scents and maybe it’s high time we start normalising them rather than dousing them with potentially harmful products. Just a thought.

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