Don't Have a Grater for Your Toasted Cheese? There's a Manicure for That

You gouda brie kidding me. πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€

When it comes to comfort food, there’s not much that can top melted cheese. Whether it’s on a pizza or sprinkled over a bowl of pasta, the stringy goodness always manages to hit our sweet spot. While mini graters have been manufactured for use by home chefs or to take in your bag for cheese-on-the-go (we don’t judge), a cheese grater manicure is something the world really didn’t need.

So Cheesy

The beauty world has its fair share of people who are really extra when it comes to their craft. Nail Sunny – a nail artist from Russia – is a perfect example of this. She has become well known for her interesting manicures, but her latest creation is melting the minds of people across the internet. Cheese grater nails… and just in case that isn’t weird enough, they are also fully functional.

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Yes or no ??

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You ‘gouda brie’ kidding me!

We might be firm believers in multi-purpose beauty products, but we prefer to limit these uses to making us look good rather than making us a toastie. But each to their own.

These grater nails are made using an actual grater which is cut to size. They are not only able to slice through cheese but are apparently just as effective when used on apples and carrots, as is demonstrated on Instagram:

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❀️ or πŸ‘Ž?

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Not only are these manicures a breeding ground for bacteria (fancy a bout of E. coli, anyone?) but these would be dangerous to wear, for our bodies and our clothing. We like our manis to look sharp, not actually BE sharp enough to cause damage!

While the innovation displayed by the talented Nail Sunny definitely has us wondering what her next offering will be, we doubt we’ll be saying ‘cheese!’ anytime soon.

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