Dogs Getting Their Makeup Did is the Cutest Thing on Instagram RN

Good puppers! 🐶

Dogs are the best. Not only do they offer us unconditional love and are ALWAYS happy to see us, but it appears that they enjoy one of our top hobbies, too. Dogs getting their makeup did is what Instagram is made for!

Makeup is Going to the Dogs

While no actual products are being used – because that wouldn’t be good for their skin – these dogs clearly enjoy being fussed over by their doting owners, as well as the soft sensations of the makeup brushes on their fur. One thing’s for sure: they are adorable enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. We hope you’re ready for the upcoming cuteness overload. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This guy is enjoying the gentle head pats with the makeup brush.

Makeup time! #fitz #makeup #dog #dogs #mydog #funnytime #happyme #happytime #dogmakeup

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And sweet Pippa the Golden Retriever enjoys a good ear stroke using the same application tool.

This lil’ diva gets demanding when her requests for cosmetics are ignored. We can relate.

This good boys goes into a makeup trance when he gets his nose rubbed just the right way

And this Rottweiler proves that even the biggest and toughest puppers like a good pamper sesh.

So pure and so pretty. Seems like makeup routines are better spent shared… with your four-legged friends, anyway.

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